Strong Associates

Building Strong Relationships Since 1979

Over 25 years experience

Strong Associates was established in 1979, specializing in surety bonds and contractor's insurance. We have bonded over 2 billion in projects of every conceivable size and type. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately anticipate changes in the surety industry. This allows us to prevent problems before they impact a contractors ability to bid on new projects.

Well trained surety professionals

Our founder has over 35 years experience having worked for both surety companies and as a independent broker. He has dealt with the ever changing construction market and knows how to handle large and unusual bid requests. The entire staff has participated in numerous seminars and professional training, and is well prepared to handle any and all issues.

Representing the best surety companies
We have a long history with many leading surety companies. All of these companies are A rated and listed on the US Treasury list. We have built long and lasting surety relationships and can get the job done when others cannot.


The Hartford
CNA Surety
Zurich Surety
Western Surety
Berkley Surety Group
The Chubb
The Travelers Companies

Our focus is on you
Our personal involvement in each and every account is the cornerstone of our success. If you have a concern we are there to discuss it and give sound advice based on our extensive experience.Your success is our goal.

We can provide surety credit for all classes of construction including;

  • general contracting
  • street and road
  • bridge
  • sewer and water
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • utility
  • developers

Comprehensive Service

Our services exceed the industry standard. As part of our commitment to our accounts we:

Provide back up surety arrangements so you can bid the jobs you want.

Provide a complete financial review and prepare a complete bond portfolio so we can move quickly on short notice.

Analyze bond forms, contract specifications and indemnity agreements.

Monitor and review subcontract bonds

Provide overnight bid bond service for established accounts

Competitive rates
Our bonding rates reflect the best rates available in the market place. Rates vary widely depending on the surety company. Many times a contractor can qualify for a substantially better rate than they currently have.
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